Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Good Catholic?

Over the past few months, I have been told that a Good Catholic:

Would never vaccinate her children.
Must vaccinate her children.

Would never hold hands during the Our Father during Mass.
Would never even attend an ordinary Mass (only Latin).

Would never wear pants.
Must wear a veil.

Would never receive Holy Communion in the hand.
Would only receive Holy Communion on her knees.

Would never stay home from church with naughty children.
Must stay home from church with naughty children.

Would feed her children only the GAPS diet.
Would feed her children Ramen in order to send more to charity.

Would never purchase health insurance.
Must purchase health insurance.

Would be an organ donor.
Would never be an organ donor.

Would never vote Republican.
Would never vote Democrat.

Would never color her hair because that is disrespectful to age-wisdom.
Must color her hair to be a good witness.

Would never write about God's Love because it sounds too liberal.
Must only write about God's Love because rules are icky.

Would never give money to go see Noah.
Would never even like Noah.

 It's nice for us to have different shticks but not nice at all to peddle your shtick as The Real Way to be a Good Catholic. As long as we believe and affirm all the Church teaches to be true, we're Catholic.

Now let's have a nice week, everyone!
Love, Allison

P.S. ~ I loved the Noah movie and am having a hard time putting my facts and emotions to paper. It'll come...