Mother's Help

We mothers can take heart, learn, find peace, and spiritually cry it out in the arms of another mother who has known some suffering of her own because of her Child: Mary, the mother of Christ. She was:

CALM in difficult circumstances: being told of the conception of Jesus, her answer was "Let it be unto me according to Your will."  It's not the will she wanted and CF is not the will we want.  Lord, help me to be calm.

COURAGEOUS in great fear: packing up and fleeing with her Newborn because of Joseph's angel dream revealing Herod's murderous plot.  We have great fears for ourselves, for our families, and especially for our kids with CF.  Lord, help me to have courage.

CONTENT in a "less than ideal" situation: keeping home and raising her Child in a foreign country, while waiting for another angelic visit to call them home.  Sometimes we need to be content in things not of our choosing.  Lord, help me to be content.

CONFUSED but patient: when Jesus was lost for 3 days and gave her the cryptic answer, "I must be about My Father's business."  Sometimes our kids confuse us ; sometimes God confuses us.  We must learn to let it go.  Keep cool.  Lord, here's my confusion ; I'll not waste time fretting.

CRUSHED in sorrow but kept her faith: watching her beloved Son's torture and murder.  Lord, help me to love You still, even in crushing sorrow.

Catholics will notice that there are 5 points which can be prayed using rosary beads : Mother Mary Mysteries. May she pray for us as we seek to follow her Godly ways.

Deo Gratias,

Edited on 11-26-2018 ~

CONFIDENT in Jesus' care and attention: at the wedding in Cana when she talked to him about the loss of wine. We must be confident and not lose heart in Our Lord's care and attention. He does love us and our children. Lord, help me to have confidence in your love.

(It doesn't work for a Rosary, now, but is important!)