Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not To Be

Well, Rees' really, really hoping (See previous post.) to avoid a hospital admission and enjoy a little brother's birthday and his own graduation ceremony and Great Strides is not to be.
                                                   Providence Hospital, our other home.

Sometimes, you can do everything right with nutrition and exercise and medications but those sophisticated bacteria still win and healthy lungs are not to be.

                                                        Pseudomonas aeruginosa             

Sometimes, you can read the right books, pray the right prayers, listen to the right music, and watch the right movies, but you still grit your teeth and shake your fist because being spiritual and heavenly-minded is not to be.

                                           Right now, I just do not care about heaven.

Sometimes, the knowledge that Jesus loves my kids more than I do makes no sense, and consolation for my hurting heart is not to be.

                                              Safer than a mother's arms, but still...

So for the next three weeks, we'll be in between Providence Hospital and home, asking Saint Therese and Emilie Gamelin, foundress of the Sisters of Providence, to pray for Rees.  And Addie.  And their doctor.  And their parents.  And all of us.  That certainly is to be.



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CF Round-up Stuff

Adah Marie:

That bad time turned out to be not so bad  (Well, it was bad but it was short.).  Lungs listened to twice in three days.  All clear; all upper respiratory.  Getting cuter by the hour.

Great Strides:

See the widget / button / square thingy on the right sidebar?  Here's
last year's post.  Still feel the same.  Still throw a dessert party afterward!


Now on ciprofloxacin for two weeks in an attempt to knock down several strains of pseudomonas.  Our doctor calls it a sophisticated bug; Readers, sophisticated is not an adjective you want modifying a bacteria.

Rees really, really does not want a hospital admission this summer.  He attended our area's Homeschool Prom (And yes, it does need to be capitalized.  By me.), and has a graduation ceremony in two weeks.

Do they allow toddlers to graduate from high school?  I'm 25, right?  What?

He's got the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference the first week of June.  Amazed that I'm OK with letting my kid go away without a parent for an entire week.  Yes, I know that he is 17.  Be quiet.

He's got a list of summer hikes to lead all around our great state and is hoping his father will join him for some of them.  The strength of our relationships is a very real benefit from all the years of manual clapping that forced us to sit down together thrice daily.

Coconut Oil:

Now devouring this book.  Stopped breathing momentarily last evening when I read that coconut oil requires neither bile nor pancreatic enzymes for digestion.  Hoping the author is not a fruitcake.  Will research more . . .

Happy Spring!