Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CF Round-up Stuff

Adah Marie:

That bad time turned out to be not so bad  (Well, it was bad but it was short.).  Lungs listened to twice in three days.  All clear; all upper respiratory.  Getting cuter by the hour.

Great Strides:

See the widget / button / square thingy on the right sidebar?  Here's
last year's post.  Still feel the same.  Still throw a dessert party afterward!


Now on ciprofloxacin for two weeks in an attempt to knock down several strains of pseudomonas.  Our doctor calls it a sophisticated bug; Readers, sophisticated is not an adjective you want modifying a bacteria.

Rees really, really does not want a hospital admission this summer.  He attended our area's Homeschool Prom (And yes, it does need to be capitalized.  By me.), and has a graduation ceremony in two weeks.

Do they allow toddlers to graduate from high school?  I'm 25, right?  What?

He's got the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference the first week of June.  Amazed that I'm OK with letting my kid go away without a parent for an entire week.  Yes, I know that he is 17.  Be quiet.

He's got a list of summer hikes to lead all around our great state and is hoping his father will join him for some of them.  The strength of our relationships is a very real benefit from all the years of manual clapping that forced us to sit down together thrice daily.

Coconut Oil:

Now devouring this book.  Stopped breathing momentarily last evening when I read that coconut oil requires neither bile nor pancreatic enzymes for digestion.  Hoping the author is not a fruitcake.  Will research more . . .

Happy Spring!


  1. I'd be very interested to hear if that research on coconut oil proves true! ;) And good luck to your son with avoiding an admission. I hate when I get sick right before the summer fun starts!!!

  2. I read the coconut oil book. I started using it but when my doctor yelled at me about my cholesterol, I backed down. Now I am sure that it is entirely correct. here is a link to a blog that might have some information to confirm it for you...

    1. House is still quiet ~ checking now. Thank you!!

  3. Welcome to the Catholic Blog Directory. I'd like to invite you to participate in Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of bloggers who gather weekly to share our posts. This week's host post is at http://rannthisthat.blogspot.com/2012/05/sunday-snippets-catholic-carnival_12.html

  4. I love that baby in the top pic. I'm on my way to Alaska and may or may not be planning a babynapping. Those cheeks!

    Yes, The Prom needs to be capitalized.

    Where is he going for college?

    1. Alaska, really?!

      Rees plans to go local to UAA and right now likes the idea of computer technology. Not because it's a great love of his, though, but because it seems practical, given the reality of CF care.