Thursday, April 26, 2012

Five non-spiritual Lenten lessons

Yes, I know the season of Lent has been over for three weeks now, but I've just realized a few things.  And it took me all this time to connect the dots because I also gave birth during Lent and I'm still a bit . . . fuzzy.  So :

1.  No desserts means that children eat much more dinner.  Good for my culinary esteem ; bad for leftover lunches the next day.

2.  No daytime television means more bickering.  This study is so terribly correct.  The more brain activity, the more arguing.

3.  Prayers for orphans means some homeschool days involve hours in front of Reece's Rainbow, crying. 

4.  Concentrating on Stations of the Cross when the Knights of Columbus are downstairs preparing a fish fry means it is very difficult to concentrate.

5.  Memorizing a passage from Tobit means struggling with irritation that such treasures were tossed by protestants.

Any deeper than this and my brain will explode ~
Next year maybe,

1 comment:

  1. you obviously are not watching enough tv and frying too much fish ;o)
    loved your observations...they are so catholic!!