Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evening Snack

For a bit of shocking reality, here is the evening snack Rees just carted into the den after completing his lung chores*  :

A quart of mocha shake
A bowl of Ramen noodles
Two Snickers bars
A bowl of potato chips

*Lung chores consist of Pulmozyme and TOBI inhaled with a compressor, albuterol and Flovent inhaled with a spacer, and a couple of rounds with his Flutter valve.

And because it's gorgeous and amazing, here's his backpack at the top of Lazy Mountain this morning, which he and John have hiked once a week for the past month.  They are proud to announce that their time up was 1 hour 10 minutes ; and their time down was 31 minutes!

Top of Lazy Mountain

Hungry and tired just writing about it,

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  1. Allison, I found you through the new blog list on Catholic Mothers Online. As a convert to Catholicism myself I had to go and read your conversion story. Incredible! I loved it. I laughed out loud about you pushing away from your computer and saying "this means we're going to have to become Catholic"....I can just hear the panic in your voice! Such a wonderful journey, isn't it?

    Oh, also....I have another Catholic bloggy friend who also lives in Alaska (Douglas). Here is hers if you wanna check it out:

    Sorry for rambling. I just love finding other converts living a rural life and managing more kids than I have. Inspires me to do the same!