Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bear burgers, anyone?

                                   I love how they all have that "Just graduated from Boot Camp" look.

Well, they did it again.  Last weekend, Ken took Rees and Ian several hours north to hunt black bear and was successful!  Ken tracked off in one direction and shot his bear ; Ian remained with Rees, watching another through binoculars  (That one eventually wandered off too far and lived another day.). 

At just seven years old, Ian is particularly sturdy.  Both in mind and body.  He even offered to carry Ken's rifle on their return trek to the base camp since Ken had to empty his pack and push his gear into Rees's pack to make room for the bear parts.  Understanding the male psyche, Ken smiled and strapped a gun as tall as Ian across his four foot body.  The boy marched on.  And this was all between 9pm  (When the bear was shot.) and midnight  (When they arrived back at their base camp.).  Amazing.

How does a guy with CF do such things?  Right now, CF is pretty quiet.  No coughing.  No headaches.  No stomach troubles.  Just maintenance and prevention.  Flutter valves fit in pockets and can be completed while walking or driving or sitting at a campfire.  The pulmozyme that requires electricity for the compressor can be plugged into a converter utilizing a vehicle battery.  Pills can be tossed into baggies and swigged with water.  So he does his lung chores and does his other things.  Amazing.

With really, really full freezers,

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