Sunday, June 10, 2012

Country Music Anniversary

                                                     * 22 years ago, June 9, 1990*

 They don't allow 15 year olds to marry anymore . . .  naw; we were 20 and 22!  But we forgot to have someone take our photograph last evening, all gussied up for a nice dinner (Old age I guess.). 

The first time I heard the following song, probably introduced to me by one of the big boys, I thought, Well that perfectly sums up my New England upbringing and falling for a Confederate boy on a motorcycle.

                       The official video is too naughty for us, so here's just the music. 

Over the years we've cobbled together a nice mix of proper New England and easy-going country; something like this: 

When the babies and tears started coming and the money and fears started leaving, we happily settled into a real, good life; something like this:

And now, we're trying not to blink too much; something like this:

Ken's summation; something like this:

So for all those who never thought we'd make it, or at least never thought we'd amount to much, I say Ha Ha.   Because I'm classy like that.  Actually, how about,  I do desire we may be better strangers.  Because I love the proper Bard and his proper insults!

 I still think that I (and all the children) got the better deal and I'd choose my country boy all over again.  In fact, I really miss that motorcycle!  Happy 22nd Anniversary, Ken.


  1. 22 years! That's 1/2 your life! Your wedding was a great day! So fun. . .Hardly seems like it's been that long. How I would love to sit down with a cup of coffee or bottle of wine and visit!!!!I'd love to meet your children! I love reading your posts. . .and I am so glad I was there 22 years ago to stand up with you as you 2 said I do!!!!

  2. Can you imagine meeting each others' children? Makes my heart hurt to think it may not happen...
    Love to you.

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  4. Happy Anniversary to one of our favorite, favorite couples! thank you for all that you illustrate to us about God's perfect love in the face of our humanity, which includes unpredictable imperfections. Well, not in Mr. Howell, but y'know, the rest of us mere mortals.... : ) mucho love-O.