Monday, July 30, 2012

CF Makes Me Weird

I've adopted some weirdnesses over the years that can be credited to CF in the family ~

I say things like, Only two grams of fat?  No good; put it back.  Oh, this one has ten grams of fat; put six in the cart.  Great for the kids' weight but folks in the grocery store think I'm weird.  I kind of enjoy that.

Not enough fat and calories, of course, and you can't put gravy on fruit snacks.

Every time I read a story about someone with physical problems, I make an announcement.  Sometimes I preach.  The lady who contracted the flesh-eating bacteria?  We marvel at her fortitude.  The Florida bar with Tuesday night dances for differently-abled?  Watched the video twice.  This I do as an exposition of the amazing mysteries of life.  I think it's brilliant; my children think it's weird.

When I meet another lady with children with health problems, I want to be BFFs.  Weirds some people out probably, and I do try not to gush, but anyway How old are your kids and how are they doing and who's your doctor and we should definitely get together next week OK?
I 'm not actually this calm.

I am very calm hearing about or even watching medical procedures.  When friends relay to me surgery stories, there is no wincing or OMGs.  When I've had to take kids to the emergency room, I'm cool and helpful   (This has caused trouble for me, though, and a Big Accusation which is a story for another post and because of which I will need to fake faint or something should there be another ER visit.).  Most folks understand.  Some think it's weird.

The sacraments, songs, and prayers of the Church are so strongly meaningful to me, I sometimes feel that I must be the only one.  I am aware that theologically, the Good News is for all, but when you're clapping a coughing child in the middle of the night while swallowing the desire to run away screaming, words like. . .

Do you reject Satan and all his empty promises?
Shepherd me, O God, beyond my fears, from death into life,
Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

. . .console my sad soul and soften my less-than-holy thoughts.  Pure love.  Weird.

You can cease praying for my personality.

Laughing maniacally,


  1. I need some of your "calm in the medical storm". My tendency to panic has frustrated the hubby on more than several occasions!

    1. After my horrific experience (the Accusation), I believe that ER docs want parents to panic and praise them and be dumb (not that you are, of course!).

  2. JRA makes you weird, too.

    I love medical procedures so much that my mil keeps telling me that I should be a nurse or go to medical school. I tell her no thank you. I don't want to participate. I'm just a fan. I want to sit in the observation deck and wave a little pennant flag and root for the surgical team. Wanna come with? We could make up cheers. I think they would appreciate cheerleaders helping them along. Don't you?

    1. I recently told my husband that if the Lord takes him home to heaven that I plan to go to nursing school. He wasn't really sure what to make of it. "Glad you have a plan, Honey?" And I have brought cookies to medical teams as my cheer!

  3. I totally know what you mean about freaking ppl out with the BFF hunger.

    It was C.S. Lewis who said the definition of friend is practically, "Oh! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

    We're not CF, but we're in the nebulous-food-sensitivities stage, so getting the right fat (while mama still works to lose weight), dissing the bad stuff, avoiding soy, gluten and convenience in general... meeting someone on the same path I almost get whiplash with my rubbernecking.

    I'm in AK too (interior). Cheers!