Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back with Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

It has been many months since I've contributed to {PHFR} but there is no tragic reason for my absence, save a dead camera battery that I tucked into my tote bag for close keeping, planning on remembering and repurchasing. Which I promptly forgot about every single time I headed out to run errands. Which my exasperated husband finally retrieved one morning and came home with its replacement the very same day. Which I'm reaping the benefits of this very afternoon. I submit:


This late in February, the sun can peek through the highest branches and actually shine into our yard!


A girl and her peanut butter cup, it's a beautiful thing!

John's geography book held her interest for quite a while (enough  for me to make  cornbread anyway).


Yes, that's my son. On a horse. About to gallop out and rope a cow.  (Hail  Mary, full of grace...)

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  1. Hail Mary indeed! And the little one could't be happier with her treats! How adorable!