Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Wrap

I think it's been raining for a month. Could be six. There are no leaves left on our trees but the ground isn't frozen yet so the tiny bit of snow we had melted right in. Tough days, waiting for snow, but we've had some bright spots.


Ian, 9, went with Ken to Denali National Park for some backcountry  fun last month. The scenery is pretty, yes?

I tagged along with Ken for one of his bear hunts. We spent the entire day up here. No bear, but  Denali watched us the whole time. Super-pretty!


It is finished and we are all happy. On to the apartment...

Joseph sporting his new shirt from Nana and Papa. He is very happy to be four!


Joseph would. not. stop. kissing. me. I was laughing so hard when Clare snapped this one. 

She's funny, all right. Stinker.

I was preoccupied (probably on this computer. Ahem.) and told them to find something to eat. So they did. Took the entire pan of what was left of Clare's B'day cake and helped themselves. Cavemen. But it's real.

WHY? Why would someone take the time to unwrap it, get it started, and nicely place it on the ground, like, 24 inches away from the hook? It just slips on with no manual dexterity required. Real Howells.

Well, friends, have a visit over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for more Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

Happy Friday!
Love, Allison

P.S. ~ Rees is feeling great and his PFTs are getting better (Remember?)!

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