Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stupid Cookie

Do you think it does any good to yell at a one-and-a-half-year-old to eat the stupid cookie because if she doesn't get back up to her growth curve, she'll have a feeding tube placed in January?

Probably not. But I did it anyway.

Here's what we're looking at.  She's on antibiotics again and refusing anything but drinks; add that to all the coughing and she's been dropping for the past three months. It's going to be a long six weeks...

Eat, Addie, eat (Although she seems to be as maddeningly stubborn as her sister, so I don't see it happening.).

January 15th, I already hate you.


  1. Allison,
    Praying for Addie to eat and praying for wisdom and strength for you and Ken. We serve a Lord who is sovereign over all and who loves you and your little girl very much!

  2. Prayers that Addie starts eating. Maybe try some high protein smoothies/shakes if she's preferring to drink her calories instead of eating?? It's probably not enough by itself, but it might help a little. Hope she starts moving up soon!

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  4. Adah, Adah, Adah Marie. I am going to fill your Christmas stocking with bricks of cream cheese. We love you.