Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah Palin,

I saw you at Walmart yesterday. My first thought was to interrupt to say hello but I wasn't entirely sure it was you so I held back. When I saw you again at the checkout line (I promise I wasn't following!) and heard you say "Thank you, Ma'am," on your way out, I knew it was you but then it was too late. As my husband and I drove home, we talked about things we remembered (We've lived here 20 years.).

Had I interrupted you in your search for yogurt, I would have asked if your big son had Christmas leave and if your little son was doing well. I would have asked about your daughters and grandson and if your extended family gathers at your pretty house on the lake. I would have asked about your mother, who taught my small sons' Sunday school class many years ago at MatSu Covenant church (Hi Miss Sally!). I would have said that I'm so glad to see you home for Christmas and that I bought your book for a present and read it before wrapping! I wouldn't have talked politics too much, but I would have told you that we thought (and still think) that you're doing a great job and that I trust your researching into candidates and propositions  (There's a local lady that I also pay attention to: whatever she does, I do the opposite.). This is not because I'm lazy but because I'm busy with kids to homeschool and interesting things to read on the internet!

Had I interrupted you, I would have shown you my one-year-old with cystic fibrosis, born in my mid-forties, that others would have aborted. I would have told you that we have premier doctors up here and that life is wonderful. I would have told you that my eldest is attending college locally on a state scholarship and has no desire to leave our great state. I would have told you that my twelve year old daughter is pretty hard-headed and what about your girls?!

Had I interrupted you, we would have parted friends. I imagine when one has such a public life that other people feel they know you, and I'm no exception.

The next time I see you; I plan to interrupt!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the new year bring strength and joy.
God bless you, dear Sarah Palin.
Your friend,
Allison (and all my family)

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  1. Yes, ma'am! I have seen you only from afar (and I was totally following you, both times). Once onstage, welcoming Michael Reagan, and again in our Wasilla Veterans' Park. I cried both times and am so thankful for your witness in all realms. Mostly in shrugging off big titles and snuggling in with your family. It confuses the opposition mightily! Merry Christmas.