Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Reading Glasses and Tears

This past weekend, Ken picked up some reading glasses and I cried. Not because he looked awful ~ quite the opposite! ~ but because it hit me harder than usual that we really are growing old together. I wondered if he would be sad or grumpy or have existential angst at the solid proof that his body is doing weird, old things, but he didn't seem to be anything other than thrilled that reading was much easier.

Now I believe him more when he tells me that he thinks my graying hair is pretty and that my laugh lines and concentrating wrinkles warm his heart. We're coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary full of happiness, glasses and gray notwithstanding! I still cry, but it's all right.


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  1. We are not old enough for you to be married 25 years. Your wedding seems like it was yesterday. I can still feel the warmth and the sunshine. The fun. . . and excitement. That means that it's been 25 years since I have seen you? Can't be. . . .