Friday, August 26, 2011

I (Heart) Country Music

See that title?  I wrote it myself.  I, forged in Yankee-fied SE New England, land of U2, the Cranberries, Boston and Bon Jovi, have had a musical conversion.  Ask me who I think King George really is.  Strict Evangelicals growing up, I listened to popular radio covertly, as our home only allowed the likes of Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, the Imperials, and Michael W. Smith  (Whom I still enjoy.).  At our home now, though, one might hear Matt Maher, Josh Groban, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, the composer of the month, or . . . (This is difficult to write.) . . . a local country music radio station.

For twenty years, I'd politely listened  to Ken's musical choices while driving, offering pleasant commentary : The words are good but I don't like that slide guitar-thing.  That fiddle player needs to relax.  Her twang-y voice is giving me a tic.  As soon as I'd drive anywhere alone, the dial would turn.  But truly ~ rock, pop, and alternative music has mostly wretched words.  No stories.  No charm.  And while I must occasionally turn down the country volume due to raunchy, immoral lyrics  (Men who sing about women shaking their "rock and roll thang" get no play time in the huge Howell van.), it stays put plenty enough.

After two decades, I finally realize that this is the place to hear heart-warming, tear-jerking, downright funny tunes about love, family and children.  And of course the hunting dog and old truck. 

I submit to you these gems, all of which, by the way, are popular.  Gives me a bit of hope regarding our moral fiber!

For Daddies and Daughters :

For Daddies and Sons :

For Marriages :

And for our Good Old USA :

Humming away with my fingers on the dial just in case,