Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raining Responsibilities

It's been raining for so many day now, I've lost count.  Five?  Could it be fifteen?  The animals pretty much remain in their shacks, squabbling, eating, and relieving themselves.  It's messy and loud.  Like us.  Lovely.  I have, however, set to paper my educational plan for our medium to small children for the next nine ('ish) months.   Teenagers do their own odd mix of math, science, reading and current events, which is education-ese for Drudge Report headline reading and yelling about things afterwards.  I don't use curricula.  Or lesson plans.  Or tests.  Or desks.  Well, Rees uses a desk in his room because he's like that.  Just a monthly, three column chart of what I call 
Ordered Unschooling :

*The composer of the month gets his greatest hits CD played throughout the day  ("Greatest hits" seems fine for something like Alabama ; not Mozart.  Anyway.)

*The artist of the month gets his six Dover postcards taped up around the mirror  (Someday I'll purchase big prints.  When I have big money.).

*The literary theme of the month gets all related household books dumped into the living room ottoman for constant visual access.

*Art, science and math materials are available at all times, plus a list of mean Mommy chores. 

Done.  Oh, and for the first week, we're going through this family retreat.  Gargoyles, architecture, cathedrals and our one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church ~ with themed snacks?  Oh, yes.

And since I really do feel badly about the children heading outside for barn chores in the slop pit, I plan on frying up a good farmer's breakfast.

I'll concede.  The rain can have benefits.


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