Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quiet Fight

CF has been very quiet lately.  Almost a year since his last hospitalization and no fearful flare-ups in between.  Sometimes it goes like that.  And sometimes he's been in for two weeks, out for six,  in for two, out for six, through several cycles.  Tough times.  Makes Mommies feel utterly incompetent, and with sinfully short tempers.  Dangerous mix.  Recognizing this is half the battle toward safeguarding sacred relationships.  That and flawlessly foamed cappuccinos (My personal daily indulgence when Rees is "in".)!

He spent four monotonous hours last Friday at "Prov" (Providence Hospital), subjecting himself to scores of screening tests for a drug study.  Then a telephone call two days later ~ rejected.  Rejected because his lung function wasn't low enough.

He was happily disappointed.  Happy at his fairly healthy pulmonary numbers ; disappointed at his inability to access the experimental drug with a shorter delivery system that would lessen time spent "doing medicines".

*He just read over my shoulder and corrected me : "I'm more disappointed, Mom, because they pay me to offer my body to science."

Well pardon me.  I'm only happy.  Sorry, kid (!).

Resting in these quiet CF times, but ready to toughen up if necessary ~

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