Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moronic Cartoons

The title is copied from Dennis Prager as I submit the following "works of art" :


Ian, age 7

10. Without God, there is little to inspire people to create inspiring art. That is why contemporary art galleries and museums are filled with "art" that celebrates the scatological, the ugly and the shocking. Compare this art to Michelangelo's art in the Sistine chapel. The latter elevates the viewer — because Michelangelo believed in something higher than himself and higher than all men.

Again, from Dennis Prager.  The entire article on the goodness of religion  (He is a practicing Jew, very conservative, and a favorite radio host of ours.)  can be read here.

My children scoffed when I put up the Picasso prints on the first day of October and are looking forward to what they find tomorrow morning  (Renoir), so when I suggested they attempt to copy one of the prints, Ian made a derisive boy noise and swaggered over to the art basket to choose his weapons.  He presented me with the above picture and said something like, "I did this in half an hour."

Warmly and colorfully,

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