Monday, January 16, 2012

Hospital Mode

Rees spent a week at Providence Hospital and has now been home with a PICC line for IVs almost two weeks.  He learned some important things this time around :

* Pushups with a PICC line results in a misplaced catheter that needs to be shifted away from the clavicle.  The remedy requires a solid eight hours back at the hospital.

* Barn chores at 20 degrees below zero with a med running results in frozen tubing, a red-lit pump, and beeping alarms.  The remedy requires just ten minutes back in the house (Whew.).

And Ken and I were reminded of a few things this time around :

* Pre-adolescents will not accept that hospital admissions are serious and do not inspire happiness.  Some of our smaller set even say things like I hope Rees has to stay at Providence.  This is because they love hospital mode, which involves rotating parents and kids and visits, which involves playroom toys, elevator rides, cafeteria yogurt, and video games.

* We eat a lot of Cheerios and bananas for supper during hospital mode.

But Wednesday will be a Good Day, for the PICC will be removed, the IV pumps returned, and our family will relish dinner with dear friends  (Whose lady is very smart and began a new blog.).


                                            The barn at warmer temps, because it's snowing ...

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  1. thank you for this update! We love you guys, and are continually praying for Rees.
    God's blessing upon all of you.