Thursday, September 12, 2013

PHFR ~ Farm Resurrection

After a year off from backyard hobby farming in order to redo and repair, we've tossed a few animals back into the yard. Still need to save money to fence in an acre of the field for goats, but the garage gets all the money for a few more months. The PHFR order is wrong, but I don't have time to rearrange the pictures (I'm at a 1st grade level, tehnologically.) and I told the kids it's just a few minutes before morning prayers, so ~

She's a little sad because her friend was sold at the AK state fair.
Sunning the bunnies (Today is the due date for one of them; please God don't let this happen again.).
Rees fenced off a large section of woods behind the house and they're happy (I think.).
Cleaned out barn is a perfect reading and cat-cuddling place (Life of Fred math, in case you're interested.).

We are already enjoying fresh eggs and look forward to adding domestic meat to what my men hunt and catch. We will have arrived when we have fresh milk again (Funny how my idea of success has changed over the years...).

OK, time to get out that catechism...
Hope it's a happy day; Our Mother's Daughters will help!
Love, Allison


  1. I love fresh eggs, milk and meat. . . if only I could grow a garden. . . I got no time for that. . .

    1. I cannot grow anything that requires, you know, Work. Got a rhubarb plant...