Monday, March 31, 2014

Preparing for Noah

No, not that one; but I love this Father Noah, too.

Ken and I are going to see Noah in a few days. We've read (Actually, I read out loud; Ken listened.) so many reviews taking both sides by Catholics we respect that we want to see it ourselves. I do not want to take notes during the show; I want to sit back and let it wash over me, then write.

Here is SDG's positive review at the Register.

Here is Scott Landy's positive review at Catholic Online.

Here is a fascinating piece by a rabbi and expert in Jewish myth.

Here is Rep. Rebecca Hamilton's negative review.

Here is Brad Miner's negative review at The Catholic Thing.

So there. And I've read even more. Now I'm no professional anything, just a regular wife, mother, Catholic-lover, Bible-reader, and movie-watcher. I'll be looking for sin, judgment, love, mercy, family, confusion, pain, hope, earth, water, and rainbows of promise. I'll add my regular lady review in a few days.

(Ken never wants to go to the theater so the girlfriend in me is excited!)
Love, Allison