Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Fine Answer

Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson has called for the word ANSWER.

I have decided that to answer aggressive, argumentative children with, "Because I said so" is perfectly fine. Calm, explained (I wrote "expletive" first and realized that wasn't right...) reasoning is not necessary for every blessed directive around here. There's a time and a place for explaining; after all, I reject the Pearl's and the Ezzo's forced scenarios that promote fear and uncertainty. Life is full of opportunities for teaching both trust and obedience organically.  I'm the parent. Obey your mother. I do promise it's for a good reason but I'm not reading the rule book eleventy billion times a day. It's my house and I run it according to my principles. You children have to learn how to be fairly decent people, maximizing your talents and softening your troubles and all that good earth-child stuff. You also just have to obey sometimes. Your parents, yes. Also your teachers, policemen, bosses, GOD, etc.

What a weight off my "I'm not doing it like our grandparent" shoulders. They were right. Sometimes a mommy can say, "Because I said so," and it's a fine answer.

For a wonderful devotional post on answergo read this. at the Clan. It'll bless you!

Have a great weekend, you guys. Because I said so!
Love, Allison


  1. Yes, sirree! I'm with you! Sometimes (not all the time, but in some situations) explaining everything can lead to a sense of entitlement- the kid needs to understand before obeying. Of course, there's a balance, too- but I think "Because I said so" is a perfectly valid answer!

  2. Yes, I so agree! Sometimes they just need to obey immediately - that car (or other danger) isn't going to wait while you explain!