Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's Day Movies

What's the matter with this, I ask?

For Mother's Day, Ken got me a copy of Oklahoma! and Rees got me a copy of Les Miserables (plus lots of candy and drinking containers and homemade cards). After the festivities and exclamations concluded, we were discussing what to watch first when Rees picked up Oklahoma! and asked, "So what's this one about?"

I began, "It's famous. It begins with a cowboy singing--"
Rees held up his hand. "Don't say any more. I can't even ... Please watch that one when I'm at work."

I have failed as a mother. What a caveman.

I'm still thinking about this, almost a week after watching it.  Lifechanging. Thank you, dear Rees! I guess you're not quite a caveman.

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