Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Animal Child's Heaven

Alaskans dig spring more than anyone else, I'm sure. I submit Clare and her creatures ~

Baby ducks, elderly dog, almost-thirteen-year-old-girl (Boring chickens in the back.). Grass, sun, popsicle perfection.

Also, she'd been training during the winter (this is difficult to write . . .) her pet rats so they appear in unexpected places, like PB&J lunches with little sisters. Clare even passed back tiny bites for them, Rizzo and Dobby if you must know.
Yes, I'm the mother who allows such shenanigans. Help.

Clare stops people with dogs at the lake with questions like, "Hey, is that a Tibetan spaniel? No, wait; it's a Shih tzu isn't it? Can I pet him?" Or, "Your German shepherd has a curly tail like a husky; is it a mix of the two?" She's usually correct.

The ducklings pictured above aren't regular ducks; oh no. That would be too easy. She read and drove us nuts about breeds and finally chose Runner ducks (Who knew they even made such a thing?).

*And now, two kids have just come racing in with enormous dandelion bouquets. They don't want me to put them in a vase; they want me to dip them in batter and deep fry them, to be served with ranch dressing. So I'm off to the kitchen to mix up the batter.*

Happy spring!
Love, Allison

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  1. he he, my kids had un wanted pets too, a rat, garter snakes, a tree frog, a salamander, and gerbils. Now 1 granddaughter has a large bearded lizard and several anolis. Her mother used to chase and catch toads and frogs as a toddler. She wants to be a herpetologist. While none of the pets were "normal", I believe as you do that children need to make up their own minds and not simply be told yuck just because I don't like something.
    have fun with the ducks and chickens too.