Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Mothers

Two important stories here and here.  Such a shocking difference of mothers : I could hardly breathe after reading of the first and could hardly refrain from smiling through tears after watching the second.

We are human beings with eternal souls, separate from animals that leave their troubled ones behind to perish, ensuring their own survival.  We love and give and sacrifice and somehow we do not fall apart, but get smarter and stronger and more loving.  Cystic fibrosis looks terrible on paper, but real life aches with love and pain.  All life, not just when there is a Diagnosis.  I fret over all of my kids, with and without CF and for all different reasons!

And now I must get big teen Rees and hook up his IV, because he's home with a PICC line in, which is excellent when the CFers get bigger and their mothers get less nervous about All These Things!


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