Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have discovered yet another thing to keep me from getting a decent night's sleep (along with nursing babies and fussy toddlers) and rendering me captive to caffeine for another 20 years : talkative teenagers.

Rees and I stayed up very late last night, talking and laughing and we had a great time (If you're reading this, R, I'll try not to embarrass you!).  Oh my goodness, that boy is funny!  My sides hurt from laughing quietly since everyone else was alseep.  I also learned some Very Important Things, like who's going to a birthday party next month, what songs a friend has on his ipod, and how the springs work in an air soft rifle.

This morning I will make more than one cup of coffee and wait for my eyes to cease burning but I feel super.  We'll do it again, I'm sure, because the house was quiet and noone interrupted ~ a rare treat around here.  And relationships are all that matter.

Hey, the water's boiling ; where's my cup?


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