Friday, February 4, 2011

So Cool

Two seconds earlier, this photo would have captured little Joseph who had climbed up on the bench, throwing his arm around Rees' neck and pulling him to himself, all man-like.  As soon as I came around the corner with the camera, however, he let go and posed as you see.  Pretty darn cute anyway, and Rees' smile is huge and genuine!

All the kids love him.  Maybe because he's the eldest.  Maybe because he's nice.  They think he is just so cool.  Unbelievably, they think he's cool because of CF.  He gets fantastic bedtime snacks : a shake, a candy bar, Ramen noodles ~ all three, every night.  When he needs to hook up IV meds through a PICC, they are green with envy.  And when he needs to stay at the hospital for a week or two, they can barely conceal their jealous outrage.  He has a TV and video games right in his own room.  He gets whatever food he wants delivered six times a day.  I have to construct a chart to plan who gets to spend what days at the hospital, making sure that noone gets gypped in time there (Sheesh.).  CF is perfectly normal and as much as I want to scream, "No, No, No ~ it's bad ; his lungs are stiffening up ; he can't join the Marines . . .", I keep quiet.  They'll figure it out soon enough.

Because really, these things are true for everyone ~ exam scores, finances, physical issues all dictate future programs, future jobs, future anythings.  People have all sorts of limitations  (Bloom where you are planted and all that, right?).  My kids think I have a terrible cross to bear in my need for glasses or contacts!  Rees is trying to make some decisions about his own future, grappling with his own limitations and capitalizing on his talents and desires (and his parents' money!).  Just like any sixteen year old.

Having a gang of kids has made this abundantly clear ~ CF is just one set of issues.  Not mine ; I've got my own, thankyouverymuch.  His.  And your child's, dear Reader.  We all have our own to deal with and to make decisions around.  Some of what lies around the corner we know ; some we don't.  Life.  It's good.

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  1. Hi there Allison,

    I saw your comment over at Minn. Mom and thought I'd pop over and say hi.

    It's a lovely blog you have and a very important one too.

    God bless!