Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Recipe

Ready for this?

This weekend recipe is not even a recipe.  It's just 2 food items hidden from the rest of us that only David grabs to round out a snack or a meal to give it the ridiculous amount of calories required to keep his height/weight at the 50th percentile  (If he ever needs a feeding tube, we'll be sure we did All We Could.).  They are ~


Yup.  That's it.  Family size bags and boxes of Lays and Snickers to be had as a snack or after eating a more nutritious meal prepared by his mother ; )  And it is very difficult for this mother to keep her hands off those items, but this blog is about life with CF and that's life with CF.  They simply have to eat more and the rest of us do not.  We actually hear from time to time from the other children about how lucky David is to have CF and have all these great foods!  His responses have gone from innocently sharing to smugly grinning to the teen angst look  (his current reaction).

So when you just cannot bake another healthy bar or blend another vitamin smoothie, reach for the chips and candy and don't beat yourself up.  It's extra.  And try to keep your hands off.  Better yet, furnish your own stash of good, dark chocolate!  I'm with you there.


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