Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Recipe : Sally Lunn Bread

Before I post this recipe, here's a shot of Rees' snack this evening (a pile of ham, 2 Snickers and a 24 ounce chocolate shake.  And my favored Vitamix) : creative, isn't he?!


2 eggs, plus enough water to equal 1 1/3 C
1 1/2 t  salt
2 T  sugar
1/3 C  softened butter
4 C  flour
1 1/2 t yeast

Put it in a bread machine or mix, knead, and bake by hand ; make regular loaves or rolls ~ however you make it and whatever shape it's in, this is soft and rich, with more calories than regular white bread.  Lots of butter and eggs do that!

Now, I usually grind my own grain and use that fiber/nutrient rich flour to make most of our baked goods, but sometimes, soft white bread hits the spot.

Why is it called "Sally Lunn"?  After the Englishwoman who created it in her tiny bakery in Bath, England.  It made its way to the Southern colonies and now here we are, enjoying it 'way up here! 
(*A bit of useless but interesting trivia!*)

Now to toast some to have with my evening tea!

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