Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking forever

Monday evening saw the Husband, John, Clare, and I at our church's Lenten Reconciliation service, leaving Rees home with the 3 little boys.  His instructions were simple : don't let them hurt each other.  When we arrived home 2 hours later, Joseph was already sleeping in his crib while Luke and Ian were in their beds  (actually, both in Ian's bed, but that counts) quietly playing with small toys.  We were thrilled, properly gushed thank-you and turned to tackle the messy kitchen when Rees sheepishly divulged, I'd hoped to surprise you with a clean kitchen but it took forever to play one game of Camp, clean it up, get their teeth brushed and in bed oh man I forgot to have them tinkle hope no one wets the bed.

My sideways smirk to the Husband was interrupted as John piped up to Rees, No kidding, huh?  When you and Mom and Dad are at Shoshindo, it takes the whole 2 hours just to get them ready for bed and do one nice thing like a story or game.  Sheesh.

The two of them shrugged, shook their heads, and meandered together into the den.

Sheesh indeed!  The Husband and I shared a good chuckle and one of us  (probably me)  commented,  Boy if we had known That in the beginning of babies and toddlers . . .

Well.  Their wives will thank me someday.  Yup.

And in keeping with the theme of How excellent it is to have lots of kids, I offer these photos of bigger people doing nice things for smaller people, enabling me to eat chocolate and drink coffee while reading friendly blogs :

                                          Bubbles in the house?  Hey, it works!

                                          Who doesn't want to hold a newborn?!

                                     The littler one doesn't know that the bigger one can't read!

                                          Whatever they are doing, I love!

                                             Mini George Strait loves shoulder rides!

Our children do take forever ; thank God!

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