Monday, April 25, 2011

Who are the Bad Guys

It was a perfect homeschool afternoon :

The eldest two were working in one room ; the next two were upstairs, putting together some sort of market, where later, the rest of us would pay pennies to retrieve our own possessions stolen for the store ; the baby was napping ; and the four year old was engaged with a cheerful assortment of toy animals, people, and vehicles in our living room wood pile.  The queen reigning over this peaceful scene  (Me!)  was curled up on the couch, close to the wood pile drama.

John, finished with his pre-algebra, meandered out and poked his head around the corner.  Seeing Luke's set-up in the wood must have struck him as entertaining  (young teen boys are awfully cute that way), as he brightened up and slid into place beside his little brother.

Who are the bad guys?  he queried, and Luke, never missing a beat to his game, pointed and explained.  John listened intently, nodded, then joined him, moving things around, knocking things down, and making Boy Noises.  You know what this is, right?  Hardly any recognizable words?

Get down!  Buzsch !  Buzsch!  Buzsch!  Aaaaawwww.   Kgh.  Kgh.
Over there!  Kush, Kush, Kush.   Wiiiiiiiiing!   Splurthrch.
Get it!  Ug.  Ug.  Uuuwwwwah.  Puuagh.

OK. Enough of that.

Who are the bad guys?  He had to acquire that knowledge before commencing the play.  He had to ask the one who had been at it longer  (Really, the one who'd invented the Whole Thing.).  Once the bad guys were identified, he was good.  He could jump in.  He could play hard.  Sometimes the bad guys were avoided ; sometimes they were engaged.  Sometimes they were knocked down ; sometimes they advanced.  Sound familiar?  Mmmm.

We need to know who the bad guys are, too.  Whom do we ask?  Who has been playing longer?  Who created the Whole Thing?

We heard at our church's Great Easter Vigil Mass, eight Scripture readings and eight sung psalms, chronicling salvation history.  God's plans for the game.  Let's listen intently and check in often for confirmation, redirection, and encouragement.  Let's jump in.  The Church knows the Plan.  We can know who the bad guys are.  Let's play!

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