Monday, April 4, 2011

Muddy smiles

This post is a big, fat complaint.  Breakup has begun . . .

Snow, mud, slush

                                         Outside clothes in a wet, muddy heap                                       
What the little boys do for fun around here when their coats are wet and muddy : TP play

Every year at this time when the snow melts during the day causing pockets and puddles of deep mud that children and canines absolutely must frolic in, then freezes again in the evening, making morning commutes treacherous, I resolve to keep cool.  To not yell about mud and puddles and filthy small people and disgusting smelling dogs.  Each year I fail, even though I know that it lasts about a month and in May we get green.  Green!  Green!  It has arrived.  I will try again.  I will smile at their muddy joy.  I will try.  I will try.

Warmly  (Actually, Muddily),

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