Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real ~ Valentine's Baby!

We have a pretty, funny, happy, real Valentine's Day Baby!  Adah Marie was born at 3pm Tuesday afternoon and within an hour was surrounded by the rest of her family.

Here's Addie ~


Very early in the morning, the day after birth, Clare took over for a minute.  The three of us had slept on the couch together.

Am I allowed 2 pics for a word?  I'll check.  In the meantime, John set this shot up, what with the roses, my flowered blouse, and Addie's tiny pink mouth.  Good job, Honey!


In between contractions.  Enough said.

All strapped up and ready to go home ~ Wednesday evening.


Clare loved that the pediatrician on call had the same last name as ours.  This is minutes after birth.

This is funny in a strange and lovely way, as this great kid has 3 little siblings and still couldn't wait to hold our new baby, too. 


A real baby sister for our real big girl!

 Our 3 littlest.

Happy Valentine's Day!

As always, these lovely ladies have lots more.

Pretty happy here,


  1. Congrats to the whole family. Everyone looks so very very very happy. I hope mom is healing well. Prayers coming your way from Texas.

  2. I am writing this to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog ALL THIS AND HEAVEN. Visit the post and it will tell you what to do. ( Thanks for all your posts, I do enjoy reading them.
    In Him, Shannon:

  3. How precious! What a sweet little Valentine for your family! Congratulations!