Friday, February 10, 2012

Rambo, McGyver, and Howells; Oh My!

Quick note ~

Rees, John, and Ken are away on their yearly Survival Night, out in the wild somewhere with only  pocket kits and knives, getting in touch with their inner Rambos and McGyvers  (Minus the murdering and mullets, of course.). 

See how it works in an Altoids can?  Having a backpack stocked to survive a nuclear war is great, but not if it's lost in an accident.  Something on your person (in your pocket) is much more important.

They eat what they kill or find ;  they construct a shelter depending on the terrain ; they keep watch all night by the fire.  I have no idea what they talk about.  I don't really want to know.   All I know is that there's a lot of eye-rolling, guffawing, and punching each other when I venture a tiny question.  Boys.

I never know if they'll come home famished or full so I just make sure to have plenty of vittles upon their return.  And lots of clean towels.  They'll smell weird.

My girl's picking a movie ~

PS ~ Rees always keeps his flutter valve in his pocket, as well.  Must keep lungs clear!


  1. I was telling my guys about this today. They all want to know more, of course! I am very interested in a list of what you keep in the Altoid tins--would you post a list? Pretty please?

  2. Just happened by your blog somewhere in my search for Alaskan Catholic blogs, thought I'd say what's up.. We moved back up here (I was stationed here a bit ago, and nearly my whole family migrated up here while I was here, so, post-military, there was no real reason to move back to MI, so we're here again) and I was looking around, seeing who's where and what's up :]

    Where are you in AK, if you don't mind me asking publicly? (We're in Anchorage)

    -Maria :]