Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sarcastic politics

I read that President Obama made some recent remarks regarding loving thy neighbor and expecting much from whom much has been given, insinuating that Jesus would approve of his plan to force the wealthy to give more  (Force + Give = Take or Tax).  Perhaps he wasn't paying attention during Sunday school or perhaps he does not possess the skill to connect logical literary dots ; but sitting here in my wingback, scribbling away in my favorite spiral notebook at 3am, grumpy that this baby in utero has kicked me awake and that this man is our president, and without a Bible nearby to check references (I don't want to wake my husband.) ~ I can call to mind several Scriptural "giving stories".

*Zaccheus.  After an encounter with Jesus, he announced that he would pay back anyone he'd cheated four-fold.

*The rich young man.  Jesus told him that he loved his stuff too much and should give it away  (He did not.).

*The woman who poured her perfume out on Jesus' feet.  Interesting to note that Judas wanted to take it for a social program.

*Several injunctions of Jesus to go the extra mile and give the extra shirt.

*Ananias and Sapphira.  They brought their money to the apostles.  Of course it did not end well but that was because they lied.

Now let's connect the dots, shall we?  In every one of these instances, individuals gave what they wanted to whom they wanted.  Nothing was taken.  No forcing to give.

So the next time some liberal, socialist sort spits out pseudo-Scriptural sound-bytes, give 'em this.

You're welcome.

Far too sarcastic for my own good but it's 4am now,

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