Sunday, July 28, 2013

Crunchy Love

I have plenty of half-baked ideas for upcoming posts: Addie and Rees updates, important battles unit studies that we're putting together, CF food issues, and our 23rd anniversary.


I really don't want to publish partial ideas just to say I got in the 7th post. Then I was putting away some groceries Ken picked up this afternoon and saw that he'd gotten an extra box of cereal that happens to be one of my favorites (covered with an insane amount of cinnamon sugar). And I noticed something extra:


So I can't top those precious words with any post of mine, no matter how perfectly constructed. Yes, we married young (20 and 22) and yes, Kenny still loves Allison. And I love him.

Good night, all, and God bless.
(Post #7, yay)

(Thank you to Jen for this blogging challenge that I don't think I will ever again attempt!)

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