Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessing the wee ones

As a part of the season of Lent, we follow a schedule of "Pray, Fast, Give", where for each week we focus on a particular practice.  This week's has been active concern for those weaker  (in a family, this translates into someone younger), so our family prayers, fasting, and giving of ourselves has been along this vein.

Yesterday, Rees and John played with Legos for hours, sometimes without the younger kids they'd supposedly been "giving of themselves to bless".  Not sure it was much of a sacrifice!

Today, they led all the younger ones to the far end of our property to a frozen swamp to slide around.  Well.  We've had some days of above freezing temps and it's melted a bit.  Do you see where this is going?   Three small people waddled stiffly home dripping with icy, muddy snow pants, saturated boot liners, and frozen swamp stuff stuck to their chilly faces and hands, thrilled with the grossness of it all.  Was the trek a blessing to the wee ones  (as John calls anyone younger than he)?  Absolutely.  To me?  Absolutely!  A sentence that has revolutionized my motherly mood is ~

It will wash.

Looking forward to see how they show active concern for those weaker tomorrow  (I do hope it's not as messy, though!).

As we focus on pleasing Christ these 40 days with an eye toward life-changing habits,
Happy Half-way through Lent,

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