Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Funnies

Me :  Ian, clothe those naked GI Joes.
Ian :  They're not naked.  They have boots on.

Me :  Come here Luke, I haven't hugged you all day.
Luke :  If you let me sleep in your bed, you can hug me all night long.

Me :  Clare, it's time for a bath.
Clare :  No thanks.
Me :  OK, then a shower.
Clare :  No thanks.
Me :  A sponge bath, then.
Clare :  (sigh) No interactions with water at all.

The four year old was very crabby one evening at bedtime ~ his behavior alternating between hysteria and whimpering.  I'd been in four times for the hug and kiss he'd been screaming/whining for and was cautiously tiptoeing around downstairs, hoping... Finally silence.  Then, lo and behold, a giggle.  Then a chuckle.  Then a genuine belly laugh.  I really wanted to head upstairs and investigate, but resisted, knowing that my presence would likely bring back the hysteria.  Not until the next morning would I know :  the 11 year old had new underwear that was too tight  (I already knew that.)  and he'd popped one on his head to stretch out the waistband.  He did not do this to help his little brother, but it sure did the trick.  None of my Mommy hugs and kisses worked ; it took an ingenious underwear-stretcher!

*Note : his idea worked and he says that the unders are now much more comfortable.

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