Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday visitor

Before Christmas, Clare set up a bird watching station in the woods at the other end of the property from the barn  (And the Barn Cat, who catches birds with as much vigor as he catches mice).  She shoveled away the snow, painstakingly positioned lawn chairs  (comical at 20 below zero),  rolled logs to her spot  (From our wood pile but we pretended not to notice!), and sprinkled bird seed over them.  She has sat out there many an afternoon, drawing what she saw, then later, breathlessly regaling those of us unfortunate enough to have missed the avian festivities.

Today, though, it was John who disappeared for an hour, then burst into the house, warning me not to look at the computer, as he had some surprise photos that he was sure I would be very happy about.  Oh, yes.

                                       Cheerful black capped chickadee ; I do love these!

                                          Common red poll ; unafraid of John.

Clare swears this was not a chickadee, but as drawn, is not recognizable in our Backyard Birds pamphlet!

Although we still have several feet of snow ~

Happy flutterings of Spring,


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