Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Human Flowering

From Oak Meadow's The Heart of Learning:

"A flower does not appear very early in the growth of a plant. Nature spends many months developing a strong root system to nourish the plant, building a strong stem to support the blossom, and leaves to collect the necessary sunlight. Only after many long, preparatory stages stages does the flower appear, and it would not appear if those stages had not proceeded in order and fulfilled their needs. If nature, in growing a flower, saves the best until the very end, why should we expect a human being to unfold and flower at the very beginning?"

I needed to read these words this morning, both as a challenge and a consolation. Enough said.

Her morning coffee was stirred with dulche de leche and heavy cream.  My tropical rose.

Not from my weekend list of post ideas, but I have a feeling this is what I needed to share for Post #3.

May we care for our flowers today.
Love, Allison

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