Friday, February 21, 2014

Birthday Girl ~ Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

 Valentine's Day is easy now ~ Birthday party!

Here's her birth story.

Here's her CF diagnosis story.

Here she was at 6 months old.

Here she is at her 1st birthday.

And now she's 2 years old. She loves to kiss, drag around her baby doll,  have books read to her and play outside. She does not like sleeping alone, being pulled by her feet (No, No, Joseph!), or eating yogurt (We've managed to avert a G-tube, though, by having her sit with food for 20 minutes in her high chair, then getting down and not eating again for 3 hours.).

Happy Birthday, dear Addie; how did we ever smile without you?!


So pretty and sweet, flanked by brothers.
Pure, cheesy happiness.

An absolutely perfect response to the new dolly.

She did NOT like the fire going away on the pupcake.

For more prettiness, happiness, funniness, and realness see Like Mother, Like Daughter.

We made these pupcakes, but used mini M&Ms for the eyes, gluing them on with a dab of frosting. Clare wasn't sure if the smaller kids would be emotionally damaged by jamming candles in one and lighting them on fire for Addie but they didn't care!

Love, Allison

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