Saturday, February 1, 2014

Traveling with Ken

Yesterday was a holiday only for us ~ our proposal anniversary. As the story goes:

We were canoeing on a Rhode Island River, one of our favorite dates, enjoyed as much in the New England heat as that day's winter chill. Ken was in the back, of course, doing all the real work. I was in the front, pretending to be strong and hoping I looked cute in my coat and hat when I felt the full weight of my pathetic paddling.

"Hey!" I hollered, "Why'd you stop paddling?" Please don't let this be a survival lesson.

"Allison," I heard behind me.

"Yeah?" Peggy Post would not have approved.

"Allison." What was his problem? I turned around. He was holding out a black velvet box with a sweet diamond catching every thin ray of the sun. "Will you marry me?" He grinned.

"Yes!" I think I screeched. Very unladylike I know.

Now the issue was how to hug and kiss six feet separated in the canoe. We got to shore quickly to take care of that. Five months later, we were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Howell (and yes, I'm perfectly happy to be Mrs. His Name).

We've traveled many ways in many places over the years, certainly by canoe (the very One is still in our backyard and still used) and also by:

Rappelling ropes in New Hampshire,

Motorcycle to Providence,

Ninja tiptoes in city parks,

Raft on the Nantahala River,

Horse in Mississippi,
Ninjas goof off, too.

Tiny car in Ireland,

Ferry across the Irish Sea,

Pickup truck to Alaska,

Foot over trails around the northern US,

Four-wheeler in our woods.
(I'm really bad at maneuvering a four-wheeler. Must practice more.).

I can cook anywhere.
How we towed to Alaska.

There have been so many Best Days of My Life that I couldn't possibly pick one. What I can say is that saying yes was the best decision I've ever made and I look forward to much more traveling with Ken. Wonder what's next?

See him? SD Badlands.



  1. Goodness, you two have been adventuring all over! I loved reading this...loved picturing your memories in my mind...loved the pictures....LOVE YOU.

  2. Loved this! It makes me miss you so much! The Ford GT!!!! Pulled behind the pickup. So many years since we've seen each other. Really, a life time. Love you two. Still so glad I was able to share in that beautiful day. I still have the dress. . . still have the memories. . .Thank you for standing for marriage. . . and how to do it well. Love you.