Monday, February 10, 2014

Wagon Wheel Clapping

Clapping has always been cool here.

But now we have Addie, who Will Not be clapped pleasantly. No cocooning, no sleeping, no sweet stories or TV shows. She wiggles and whines, kicks and cries. She shoves my hands away and hollers No! constantly.

Then last week I picked her up and clapped her while dancing around the kitchen to music. And she loved it so much she laughed, Do 'gain! and I did it again until my arms ached and I had a workout-worthy heart rate. We've done it this way probably ten times and ten times she's been happy, except for the few times she fell asleep on my shoulder (still happy). So this is how Addie gets clapped. Maybe in ten years I'll write a post similar to the one I just linked to about Rees, not about family coziness but about how her clapping caused me to lose weight and launched her dancing career.

When this song begins, she comes running and calling out, "Do PT; do PT!" It's pretty cute, you guys. I'll take it!

And this one is a hit, too:

Whatever it takes.
Love, Allison