Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Close to Jesus

It is rest time here, time I'd planned to write a poignant post, complete with complicated expressions of my fears and loves.  You see, Addie's metabolic screening results have returned with numbers that indicate CF, meaning that we head to the hospital tomorrow for a more diagnostic test and a visit with the pediatric pulmonologist, Rees's doctor for 17 years, to hear how to care for a newborn with CF  (Rees was 9 months old and already eating solids.). 

But then I noticed that one of the kids had tucked a doll by sleeping Addie before tromping upstairs to rest ~

So I'm all finished.  Nothing I write could be better than this.  I'm going to curl up close to her.  And Jesus.  Maybe I'll rest, too.



  1. Such a precious picture! Thank you for posting. I get upset when watching the news,the debates and reporters and then I see hope in this picture and things like this.

  2. She couldn't be more loved, could she?

  3. ha! the "my loving jesus" doll. looks familiar. if you would like to discuss any of the practical aspects of caring for newborn babes with cf, we've done it twice in the last 6yrs. i'd definitely be happy to pass on a few things i have found helpful.

    she is so beautiful. perfection! and just in case you don't have energy or desire to call, i really like the stage 1 pear sauce for giving salt and enzymes. it is much thinner and smoother than applesauce, gets easily sucked of the tip of a pinky and it is sweeter which has helped our kids tolerate the added salt. and pear mango is a good next step sauce to use.

  4. What a beautiful little girl! She is in my prayers daily (and you and your family as well). See you Friday!

  5. I feel like we should get together. Again. Our visits are never long enough! *waving to Addie* We'll walk alongside you and learn.

  6. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. You have been in my prayers and thoughts a lot this week. I have been struck by what you wrote about how your baby is made in God's image. I love pondering the immensity of that...thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    1. It must be pondered, aye? That even people with disabilities (many so much worse than CF) are made in the image of God ...

      (We've got to invite ourselves over to Tiffany's!)

  7. May God bless you and your sweet little ones. I will pray for you.