Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Addie edition

*I don't have much creativity these days, but a new baby makes great pictures and certainly "captures the context of everyday life" around here  (Far more than math books.).





In case anyone is wondering, and since I promised myself that I would be true and honest here, she has lost 11oz and has not gained back anything  (along with bad diapers).  My mother-sense tells me that she has CF, so I am trying all sorts of tricks to help little Addie gain weight, while awaiting the Diagnosis, which brings with it a script of enzymes to help her . . . So there you go, friends.

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  1. Oh, she is very sweet. I got your comment the other day on my blog. Our family is new to AK and we are not far from you all :) I too am a convert (2005)!

  2. She really is absolutely gorgeous. Praying that your little tricks work!

  3. Gorgeous! Allison, please email me ( I want to put you in touch with a very devout Catholic couple here with four kids and two with CF (including the baby). You are a hero!

  4. Sweet little thing! I hope she doesn't have it. God bless.