Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This week's theme is CUTENESS.

I can't help it ; I think in alliteration.  Probably from the years of listening to Ken prepare sermons?

                                                               Cuteness on the carpet.

              I am not a dog person and even I think he's pretty cute.  Pic taken by Clare.

                                                           Cuteness at the computer.

                                              Ken's happy ; Addie's happy ; Mama's happy.

                                                                  Cuteness in clothes.

         He has no idea that wearing your little sister's leopard print capris in size 6 months is Not Cool.
                                                                    Which is funny.

                                                                  Cuteness in a cave.

       I know I'm too old to say a boy is cute, but that's my husband in a snow cave.  And I think he is.
                                     (And I can't get the picture to turn around . . .)

Have a wonderful day,
Love,  Allison


  1. They're so cute when they dress themselves, aren't they? Even if it's not something they can actually wear :)

  2. Oh, the funny one is awfully cute!

  3. Your last picture looks right to me. They all look cute.

    1. Ha Ha! No, he's laying down on a ledge inside an igloo-type snow cave. They build one every winter and take turns sleeping in it ; the smaller kids stay with Ken!

  4. Your funny cracked me up! Hilarious. And your little girl in her baby bonnet is just adorable.

  5. Too cute! I love the picture of your son in the leopard pants :)


  6. The real picture is perfection! Ken is still 17, in all the ways that a guy would want to be. ; )

  7. I love the pictures on the side. It really helps us who know you through the blog and not it real life understand who you are talking about. I admire your flexablity in changing everything for the health of your kiddos. I strive to be more like that. We had one last week go to the er because of allergies. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I find both situations just make me mad instead I need to motivate to make changes. Thank you for that example.