Monday, March 12, 2012

Lenten Week ~ Sunday #3

Focus for the upcoming week :

Think about those who had compassion on Jesus, like Veronica, and ~

Pray ~ for those who work with the Church's official charities,

Fast ~ from greed by sharing more,

Give ~ compassion / help to a younger sibling.

Continuing our passage in Tobit :

"Alms are a worthy offering in the sight of the Most High for all who give them."  (vs. 11)

Inspiration regarding the Lenten fast :

"We return it all to God for forty days, not because any of it is 'bad', but because it is indeed very good.  Only good things should be offered in sacrifice to God ; only the best of the harvest could be offered as a tithe."     (Scott Hahn, Signs of Life)

I have been a bit . . . preoccupied  (the children may have another word)  this week, consumed with the nursing-with-enzyme-groove that little Adah Marie requires.  Nursing on demand doesn't work the same.  But we press on and do the right thing.  God knows.  He loves her more than I do and He loves me more, too.

I just hope and pray that the younger ones don't grow too much dental plaque, as they've been brushing their own teeth for a week now.  Oy.

Forward, March,

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