Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lent ~ Second Sunday

Our focus for the upcoming week :  Think of Jesus betrayed and rejected and :

Pray : for those who reject and hate our Church,
Fast :  from giving place to ugly thoughts and actions,
Give : our time to turn the other cheek and do something nice to one who has been mean to us.

Next installment of our Tobit passage :

"Perform good works all the days of your life, and do not tread the paths of wrongdoing."  (4:5).

This is our Crown of Thorns, made from
play-doh and toothpicks.  When I catch
a child using his hands (or whatever the
week's focus), he may take out a thorn
and put it in the bowl.  Easter morning,
the thorns are replaced with bright and
beautiful jelly beans ~ Halleluia!
This is a reminder poster that Clare made and stuck in the
mirror.  Wonder what she'll draw for this week?


First week here.

A simple, spare diet is off the books for me this Lent, as doctor's orders are to Eat Fat.  No calorie-reduction.  Seems like the only way to do this for my tiny nursling without indulging in ice cream and brownies, which seems wrong during a season of penitence is to substitute full fat items for nonfat.

My ten year old, who loves All Things Computer, has grabbed this nutritional bull by the horns and googled phrases like, lots of fat for skinny babies ; fat without dessert ; and  (my personal favorite) fat food for mothers.  Her motivation seems to stem from concern for her skinny sister and the scientific challenge, as well as the aforementioned computer-love.  This is the kid who refuses to learn the method for long multiplication problems, but has provided me with a bullet-pointed grocery list. 

  A new bloggy friend has recently blessed me with these words, "Sometimes our lives provide Lent for us."

"As sometimes the mother gives the most attention to the child who falls the most, so our failures can be used as a prayer that God be most attentive to us, because of our greater weaknesses."   (AB Fulton Sheen)

Thank God for that,

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