Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real



                                                          Luke likes to be Very Close.


                                                Joseph is happy ; not sure about Addie...


                                                         Rees and the Cube of Rubic.

The "Nanny dog"  must not be left out ; Addie doesn't even care that her head is ON THE FLOOR!


                                          John insists that this is the Magic Position.

And some great comments from the boys ~

Luke :  "Mom, do you know why I love your insides"?   (I'm thinking some sort of poetry like, 'you love me ; you're kind ; you make good food').  Answer?  "You grew us baby Addie".   Definitely poetic!

Joseph, patting my still-rounded midsection :  "Mo' baby?"

Ian : "Can you guys start another baby today so that we can have another one in 9 months?"  (I thought the teens would  D.I.E. !)

John, after arriving home from exercising the horses for Aurora Equine Therapy : "Jessie (the horse) tripped and fell over and I fell, too, and Debbie said that it was a good thing I was using a Western saddle because the horn kept Jessie from rolling onto me and breaking my back."   The other kids breathed in unison, "Cool"!

And the best news of all?  After 1 week of giving her digestive enzymes before every nursing, Addie has put on 14 ounces ~ just about a pound in a week!

So all these comments are what I'd share on Facebook, if I wasn't staying away for Lent ; also if I could find the time to sit down and write a real, polished post about something important.  Pictures and funnies are all I can manage. 

More real life here.



  1. Oh, John! I hope you are given exactly 64 children someday, maybe as a big fancy pediatrician or something. You're a cool customer -- as Anthony would say. Good work, baby Addie.

  2. Thanks for sharing -- that photo with the dog is hysterical!