Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boys and orphans and Lenten Sunday #3

The fourth Sunday in Lent ~

Think about :  Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her!

Pray : for Israel,
Fast : from grudges, as the Lord holds not our sin against us,
Give : mercy, as the Lord to His people.

And continuing our Tobit passage :

"Do to no one what you yourself dislike.  Do not drink wine until you become drunk."

(The 17 and 14 year old made weird faces at sentence #2, questioning the necessity of having the younger kids memorize such a proverb.  I made a weird face right back and told them it would be good to have the Scriptures drill that into their young heads.)

And this grand reminder from Saint Leo the Great :

When therefore, dearly beloved, the Son of God says, "Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by," He uses the voice of our nature and He pleads the cause of our human frailty and disquiet -- in order to strengthen patience and drive out fear in those things we shall have to bear.

And about the boys and orphans, thanks to Leila I have been changed.  Ruined, even.  I rocked my enormous 2 1/2 year old on the couch last night until he fell asleep and wept for a little boy I'll probably never meet who lives in an orphanage and cries in his sleep.  He looks like any one of my sons and I want to rock him on my couch, too, until his tears cease.  His name is Nicholas and he is listed on Reece's Rainbow, with over $5000 in his adoption fund.  His story is here.

                                         Joseph, this morning.

Since I've learned about this organization, I've found a brother and sister, both with cystic fibrosis, who have been chosen by a LA family  (See sidebar photo link.).  They have just $300 in their help fund.  They will perish without some medicines ~ please consider bonding with these 3 children (and me) in prayer.  They are my focus for Lent.  My sacrifices.  My prayers.  My troubles are nothing.


God have mercy,                                      

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